Opening Day

Obviously today is an exciting day.   Today, April 9th, 2009 is a special day for all baseball players and fans around the world.  It is Opening Day for the Minor Leagues.  Hopefully everyone gets a chance to maybe eat some cracker jacks, drink a cold one, and sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” during a minor league game today. Today is a chance for fans to bring their friends and family to the ball park, and also a chance for the players to begin a new season with a fresh start.  Since we share facilities with Marlins, we open with a three game series against their affliate, the Jupiter Hammerheads.  Winning this ball game on opening day will definitely a good way to kick off the season.  Although I am not pitching today, it still is exciting to know that baseball season is officially started, and I hope everyone gets a chance to watch a Cardinal Game today.  Thanks. Have a great day!! -Kopper


  1. bent13

    Dear Mr. Kopp,
    I’m a 14 year old from Rochester and I was wondering if you could sign a card for me. I would be delighted if you could.

  2. David Kopp

    Ben, no problem at all….just send whatever you want signed to the Palm Beach Cardinals Complex and I will sign and return as soon as possible…thanks

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