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Wanted to let everyone know that the season has been going well so far, and the Palm Beach Cardinals are off to a 5-1 start.  Hopefully we can keep it rollin’.  Tomorrow we will be playing our third and final series game against the Sarasota Reds.  The other day in the clubhouse we happened to catch an interesting story on ESPN’s Outside The Lines about the best baseball stances in professional baseball.  They also did a side story on a guy who imitates pro baseball stances and swings.  I don’t know how people have heard of this guy, but he is amazing, and funny too.  One day his buddies started filming him in his backyard imitating baseball stances and posted it on you tube.  In the next couple of days, the videos received major hits and people were asking to see more.  Meet Gar Ryness,,better known as the “batting stance guy”.  I’ve posted his video of the 2008 all star lineup.  This guy is unbelievable…check out his other videos too.  – Kopper

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